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API, Android, Java, Node.js, Python, iOS


T1Exercise is a mobile application for managing diabetes blood sugar levels with exercise recommendations in order to encourage safe and empowering exercise.

Project requirements were as follows:

  • Allow diabetics to keep a log of their exercise routines
  • Provide recommendations for before and after exercise routines in accordance with certain data
  • Allow users a simple experience for building an exercise routine
  • Micro-service based architecture for correlating business use cases
  • CSV file export and data generation functions for crunching relevant numbers for clinical trial usage
  • FCM notification dispatch for user updates, requesting and notifying of events, and motivating the user dependent on past exercise logs

What is T1Exercise?

T1Exercise is an app for diabetics to get you advice and support on how to manage blood glucose around exercise, while avoiding the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of exercise.

This suggestions and information is largely based on a recent Exercise management in type 1 diabetes consensus statement by Riddell et al (Lancet Diabetes and Endo) 2016

The app is generally meant to be used to keep a log of exercise, blood glucose, carbohydrate and insulin amounts. This can be reviewed by you and also in conjunction with your diabetes team to help pinpoint where the issues (if any) arise in order to improve your blood glucose around exercise.